offers to publish corporate press-releases, business news and articles at news mass-media web-sites. offer you to publish corporate press-releseesm business news and articles on the webst online newspapers and news mass-media web-sites.

Welcome to corporate web-site - the leading online platform for news and press releases delivery to online media! We offer small and medium-sized enterprises to provide visibility on the Web through regular production and publication of news releases in the leading online media. We just need you to send a company profile and your company news or press release. No contracts or monthly subscriptions - use the service as needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a press release? First, the press release - it's an informational message about the company's socially significant event, addressed the media representative for later use as a starting material in the preparation of a news article. Earlier press releases distributed by fax, email or in person, within the framework of press kits (a set of information materials to the press, which are issued at press conferences). We have prepared 750 sites - you can choose where you want your press release to be posted.

The Internet has changed the principle of dissemination of news content. At a minimum, because too technically language press release is replaced by natural links in the text - you shoot with the press release load Interpretations, as can simply provide a link to more detailed information on the product or industry. In addition, the journalists themselves, 98% of which is carried out searches on the Internet, the same way as ordinary users access to search in Google, use news aggregators, read blogs and pages on social networks to find a subject for another article. Just give them your story! – is specialized in publishing corporate press-releases, business news and articles in leading Russian online newspapers and specialized web-sites since 2007 year. We offer SEO publications on high ranked websites in English and Russian languages with the following benefits:

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