Classic how to write a press release?

21 february 2017, 23:21

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Hello friends Before we start talking about writing press releases, I would like to sort through some things. In particular, immediately separate the press releases from direct advertising. Do not believe those who say that the press release is akin to selling text. Contempt will fall on the name of the copywriters claim to like. Writing a classic press release is a text expression, a specific information occasion.

Only. News if you want. In any case, do not confuse the release with promotional materials. Advertising still involves the original bright emotional coloring material which is unacceptable for us. Writing a classic press release is always a neutral narrative.

Of course there is the press Relizane from boredom as they are written but that does not mean that you need to rush unrestrained praise and encourage to purchase. Advertising in the press releases always only marked with a light dashed line and is not carried out in bold strokes. The maximum permissible eye-catching headline and a little bit just a little bit of makeup. Otherwise, the seriousness of an English Butler and no tears of emotion. Yes, often under the guise of press releases skips openly advertising materials.

This tells me two things 1 not all copywriters are equally beneficial 2 owners of the sites paid placement of press releases also want to eat. Well, enough about the sad start to the main course. The classic press release is created on the principle of the inverted pyramid. This means that everything important goes first and everything is secondary after important. The only way.

First create the header. The title the focus of liberalism is available for your release. If you can somewhere get to be creative then is to do it in the header. It needs to be interesting, bright and memorable. It is important that the title reveals the essence of the press release accurately explained to him the basic idea.

After the heading is the first paragraph and all the most important thing revealed in the first paragraph. And you have to answer five main questions After the first paragraph is a transcription of the information. Now we can tell everyone more details. It is important to remember that a press release of more than 2,500 characters, this is serious and not always justified. The normal size of 1,300 to 2,000 characters.

Explained everything is simple in day out thousands of releases and if you write too much, the probability is that people simply will not read. Exception key news of very serious companies and some very extraordinary events. The last block is contact information. In principle, it is a crime if the contacts you put a small block about the history of the activities and achievements of the company. It is not forbidden, and small.

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