Conference "black sea Grain-2017": representatives of agribusiness from 30 countries already zaregistrirovan

21 february 2017, 23:20

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Conference black sea Grain-2017 representatives of agribusiness from 30 countries already registered to attend April 5-6, 2017. in Kiev, the InterContinental will be leading .. August 1, 2016, has become fully operational the new procurement system Prozorro.

It was stated that she can help the government to significantly save budget funds and to fight corruption. It was about hundreds of millions of hryvnia. The Department invites distinguished young residents and guests of Nizhny Novgorod to take part in the children's drawing competition My mother best in the world main prize of which will be the trip to the trampoline Park as a whole class. .

. The specialists for technical assistance KORIS Ukraine summed up the interim results of the winter season. This winter, drivers often were required to recharge the battery. Such a task is made up of about 60% of all requests for technical assistance in ampl .

. DIT Systems Ukraine Innovative and technological projects in telecommunications, it and software, Telecom solutions and value-added services Rating Agency IBI-Rating Ukraine Banking and insurance market regulation and market development Ukrainian agricultural insurance company Ukraine Risk management crop insurance Ostankino Moscow court on Friday issued a warrant for the arrest of the first Deputy Director of the state Tretyakov gallery Oleg Belikov suspect in the fraudulent embezzling 87 million rubles at the previous place of work. Elect against Belikov a measure of restraint in form of detention - announced the decision of the judge. Thus the court has satisfied the petition of the investigation. In Russia the actual problem is the resettlement of people in regions of Siberia according to Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Andrey Klepach.

In his opinion this idea is expressed about 100 years ago, Pyotr Stolypin has still not lost its relevance. While for immigrants it is necessary to create appropriate conditions including allocating land to those who are willing to handle it he said. Klepach also noted that the establishment of a civilized turnover of land market will allow Russian farmers to achieve long-term credit resource Ostankino court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of Mikhail Zorin of the second defendant in the case on embezzlement from the budget of 87 million rubles allocated for capital construction of residential buildings in Moscow. Thus the court has satisfied the petition of a consequence considering his position on the need for election against Zorin measures of restraint in the form detention is justified. Earlier the court has arrested on the case of Deputy Director General.

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