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03 january 2017, 18:22

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Our services included in Kokoc Group which brings together the market leaders SEO-promotion seo-dream. u and others.

Thanks hard work with each other in our huge office, we know how to make websites prepared for further advancement. In the first phase of the project, we involve the Department of SEO-analysts at Kokoc Group the design of the structure of the future site. SEO experts analyze the demand for your everyplay in the search systems identify potential coverage of the desired target audience and develop an initial strategy of promotion in search engines. The result of the work of the Department, SEO analysts Using this information creates a prototype of the future website placing links to the relevant subsections in such a way that the website is not lost in the convenience for a user of the site but search for the robots in the right way to crawl the site and ЯндексGoogle could consistently trust the site traffic with low frequency query traffic is then with mid-range queries, and finally the desired traffic from tweeter.

The site structure is reflected not only in the prototype of the future of the site but also strongly influences the integration process an online store with 1C. In developed a clear procedure agreeing with each other three structures directory structure goods the storage of goods in 1C of the customer structure from the SEO analysts of the structure of the current website in case we're redoing existing website it is important to ensure the correct migration of existing content and configuration 301х redirects. In this approach, after completion of the production site, you'll get the product ready for full search engine promotion. Semantic - developed and agreed with the client only in the DELUXE tariff plan in the tariff plans OPTIMA design SEO structure occurs without the consent of XIA with.

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