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21 february 2017, 23:22

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19.01.12 1647 Press releases are short one or two page official press release telling about the various events the events in the life of the company new services, products, etc. to learn more about what press release you can almost in all textbooks on PR. In Runet there are many specialized websites where you can place press releases www.

press-release.ru www.pressroom.ru www.inthepress.

ru www.pr.b2bsbn.ru www.news-desk.

ru etc. usually you need to pass simple registration on the website. Speaking about the distribution of press releases in the Network, some domestic PR agencies use the term content providers. Placement of press releases gives a multiplying effect.

First they can read visitors the resources where you place them. Secondly there are sites where press releases are used by many journalists. Your press release could be the basis for publications in Internet and print media. Third posting press releases, hyperlinks to your resources you will be able to increase their citation. The following are brief characteristics of the main Internet resources providing free publication of press releases and news.

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