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21 february 2017, 23:22

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Home-gt Promotion and SEO gt SEO for beginners posting links to articles press releases news The placement of links in articles can be done at a paid and free basis. A paid option is available through the exchange or directly with the resource owners. Is characterized by a more rapid deadlines in connection with the presence of mutual obligations. Free placement usually occurs by sending articles in thematic directories and portals. In this case, the fate of the placement of a particular article will depend on the loyalty of the moderators and the interest of the article itself.

Placing links in the news most often occurs in the form of a reference to the source material. Therefore, to successfully build such links, you need to place on your resource, really useful material which will refer to the interested visitors. There are also thematic article directories where you can post news with a link to your site as the source. The latter option does not give 100% result because there are also a lot depends on the loyalty of the moderators who may find your article interesting. Placement of press releases to third-party resources is a good option not only for getting links from thematic resources but still gives the opportunity to obtain additional traffic in the form of interested visitors.

This option is relevant for most companies who want to communicate their services or products to potential visitors. In most cases, the placement of press releases requires payment although there are a number of specialized portals that give the opportunity to publish material about the companies on a free basis even with restrictions. It should be noted that the considered methods of getting links to a website very cost both in time and on finances though and have value for progression with a high degree of naturalness. Your e-mail will not be published. Required fields are marked Review Name E-mail The website In the list of Donation Bar on the sidebar shows 5 people ordered according to the sum they paid for the place.

While the place is empty, anyone can buy a link from the main page for 1 cent. If someone pays more than the others he is top of the list. To qualify for the list it is enough to pay the purse Z389080292688 and in the note specify the desired link text itself the link, and Your E-mail. The advantage of this type of advertising is that the link could stay for eternity if only all members will not offer more.

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