Placement of press releases

21 february 2017, 23:20

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Publishing press releases is only possible in the Russian language as the language of international communication because the platform is international. Placement of press releases is permitted only to registered site users and enterprises. Posted press releases must comply with agricultural topics. Otherwise, the service administration has the right to reject a press release because of its irrelevance to the audience. Section Press releases are not intended for placement of advertising articles and announcements as well as interviews, analytical reviews and materials from other genres of journalism there are other sections of the site.

Texts do not meet the definition of a press release will be rejected without explanation. Press release is an official statement of the company enterprise organization to the media about the event the event or other information reason. Information about the presentation press conference of the opening ceremony of festival fair a round table conference summarizing the jubilee, etc. an integral part of the press release. Therefore, the texts describing the company's activities the enterprise organization, its services, etc.

in General, without reference to any information about will not be published. Not published press releases without specifying the date of the event or the events held more than a week before the filing of a press release for publication on the website. The filing date of the press release for publication does not replace the missing event date. A press release should not contain direct appeals to consumers come to buy, try etc.

it should not be mentioned prices and discounts. Overly detailed description of tovaryshi may be considered the property of the service advertisement. The number of published reports about the same event from one user can be limited to the administration of the service. Default valid press announcement about the event message to change the dates designated participants of the event, etc. post-release.

Duplication of similar information about the event, even with minor changes or incremental additions to the text are not allowed. Information about that in the media or on the website took place the publication of a particular event from the point of view of the administration AgroIndex.Net is not a standalone episode so it will be rejected. Press releases can only be placed through the form to add on the website AgroIndex.Net.

Press releases are formatted with third-party editors and contain invalid html tags will not be posted. Press releases sent via e-mail are not considered and published. Data entered by the user in the form Details.

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