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21 february 2017, 23:22

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News posting and publication on the website of Vosproizvodit Accept free location news press releases from companies, producers carrying out their activities or having their branches and representative offices in Russia and also meet our requirements. Publish news free companies authors i.e. from the enterprises described in the text. Publication and posting news and press releases from agencies and advertising companies on special terms without limitations on the number of publications.

Press release news is used as a tool of PR-activities of the company and is in line with such advertising and marketing events like direct advertising of the presentation announcements, or feature articles. The ultimate goal for placement of press releases and news is to inform the General public about the event in the activities of the enterprise and also to generate and maintain a certain company image in the eyes of real and potential customers. The news posting on the website is today the most demanded service. On our portal press releases and company news are published on main page, plus they get placed in our rss feed.

The popularity of this column is evidenced by the fact that many companies prefer here to place your ad. How to post a press release or news on the website To post a press release news of the company enterprise you can through your personal account in your account website. If you still have not brought you here. For your convenience - publication of a press release or news happening on the site in real time immediately after posting by the author. You can evaluate to compare and edit the contents of the image or text for advertising companies and agencies involved in the publication of press releases and news for our clients and customers the texts and images are also accepted by e-mail, followed by automatic placement on our website Placement conditions and requirements to publish press releases and news 1.

The user of the website accept the terms of the User agreement can be located in public access news press-releases company. The author must be an official representative or an authorized person who acts on behalf and in the interests of the company which is contained in the publication. 2. The format of a press release or news refers to news coverage of events in the company's activities businesses for example the planned activities the increase in staff awards new product release and.

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11 may 2017, 16:48

It is rare to find publications in which press releases are published for free. Under the guise of news, you can publish a thematic article, which will become a kind of marketing movement. This is a direct advertising of the activities of companies. And, in my opinion, we should take this opportunity when it happens.

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