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21 february 2017, 23:21

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In a narrow sense - training and free articles on the site pages of electronic and off-line media, user communities, blogs and your own blog and social networks. In a wide - create a directional information noise in the Internet and off-line. Dashing 90-e was assisted by PR good - in fact due to poorly uncontrolled financial flows he was born. At the same time, the notion that for non-specialists has become a dirty and overgrown with a very long train of the most persistent myths and far from reality is the myth about the nature of PR - composing articles and publishing these articles for the money. No advertising of the article of course are the place to be - just open any news website or any newspaper.

That's just PR these articles have no relationship. Materials placed on or within PR - either official press releases or articles created a PR division of the company and published on behalf of the company or employees of PR-departments or finally article written by journalists and published by journalists on their own initiative. Accordingly, the main task of PR specialist is to structure the flow of company information to identify newsworthy to convert them into a format convenient for further create articles or independent work of journalists and reporters is interesting - and then distribute the material where the journalists or the ultimate consumers of information can find it. The cost of writing from рублей1000 700 characters including spaces. The cost of writing an interview from рублей1000 700 characters including spaces + 2500 rubles.

The cost of creating the report from рублей1000 700 characters including spaces + overhead. The cost of writing a press release рублей1000 420 characters including spaces. Information about that is something which are happy will the journalists write in the media and ordinary users of a network in blogs and forums can be any event, if it appropriately to beat. Signed a large contract Attended the conference launched a new website Changed the furniture in the office All this newsworthy. The funniest newsworthy publication in a serious niche off-line edition.

On this publication can be very tasty to write some articles and press releases. These articles and press releases will quickly multiply in the network by calling another article in the serious niche off-line edition. Of course, not all newsworthy equally suited to all. And of course, not all newsworthy are those by themselves. But they can all be or not to be or become one - stop to be suitable become.

Selecting the appropriate.

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18 may 2017, 14:04

PR is a great thing. I am interested in order for my own site. Would like to connect with specialist.

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