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A press release is a written statement to the media. It can provide information about news including the scheduled increase of personnel awards new products and services, sales achievements, etc. the Journalists usually consider press release as a feature article. It is the basic tool of work of employees on public relations PR and we will tell you how to write it. Press release - press release information message containing news about the organization and possibly the person issued a press release outlining its position on any issue and transmitted for publication to media.

By definition, a press release from the English. press-release the press release for a special Bulletin for employees of press radio television contains documents and information subject urgent publication and dissemination. The main objective of this kind of publication notification of the journalists and then a wide range of readers about an event of public importance. Press release is an effective tool for attracting attention, it serves as a tool to create and maintain a certain public opinion about the company and services provided. Press release eng.

press-release - press release is a message for the media with a view to its subsequent publication in different channels of information transmission. A press release is a short information message composed of a press office or PR Department of the company and is intended for journalists and editors of the media which contains the lighting of some significant events for the company. Press release press-release primary means of outgoing PR information. D. Doty considers it an essential means of creating publicity of the company.

In the practice of modern press and PR services press release is any textual information to the media with publicitatii emanating from the organization. This is the very first and according to many, and now the only genre of PR-texts. Press release main information genre PR text contains is intended for the press relevant operational information about an event concerning the basic subject of PR. A press release is a short informational message to the press. Press release - specially prepared information about the product or the company distributed by the firm for possible publication in the press.

Press release eng. press-release - press release special bulletins to employees of press radio television contains documents and information subject urgent publication and dissemination. Press release - this is an informational message of your company or institution intended for browsers media containing potentially.

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