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15 november 2016, 00:02

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Founded in 1942 Download catalogue Download price Single number support 25 tons Chassis 6x6 6x4 KC-45721-21 KC-55732-21 KS-55732-21 Crane-hoist 25 tons Chassis 6x6 6x4 KS-55732-28 KS-55732-28 Crane-hoist 25 tons Chassis 6x6 6x4 KS-55732-32 32 tons Chassis 6x6 6x4 KS-55733-26 32 ton 8x4, 8x8 Chassis KS-55733-33 40 tons Chassis 8x4 8x8 KS-65711-34 50 tons Chassis 6x6 8x4 8x8 KS-65717-34 25 tons dek-251 32 tons dek-321 36 tons dek-361 40 tons dek-401 50 tons dek-501 63 tons dek-631А 80 tons dek-801 100 tons dek-1001 15 tons Telemax-150m 32 tons KS-55733Б Experts told the DC that the good news from metallurgists and machinists Chelyabinsk region in 2014 will not have to wait. Business district publishes a selection of the comles followed by the most successful Chelyabinsk businessmen. Today, his Handbook presents the comles, the owner of Chelyabinsk mechanical plant. In Chelyabinsk took place the main business reception year, the magazine Delovoy Kvartal-Chelyabinsk announced the names of winners of the award person of the year 2013. The TOP important people of the southern Urals consisted of 14 persons.

In the category of Industrialist of the year was won by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chelyabinsk mechanical plant Peter Y. Vaginas. Crane DEK 631 40 years in the ranks. Development of crawler crane, the legendary ancestor of the modern model started the design Bureau of the Chelyabinsk mechanical plant nearly 40 years ago. And it happened that he became famous before he was made the first crane.

The winner of the competition of welders Chelyabinsk mechanical plant shared what he remembered of the past week. Reporters visited the evening at the Chelyabinsk mechanical plant and saw going to Chelyabinsk. Today Chelyabinsk mechanical plant produces cranes on different chassis and different capacity cranes Patriotic name from Chelyabinsk, crawler cranes DEK and the cranes by the individual order. CMP makes 85 percent of the total production of crawler cranes in the American Federation. From 2 to 7 July 2013 took place the III specialized exhibition EDUCATION EQUIPMENT TRANSPORT is organised in the framework of celebration of 70th anniversary of South Ural state University Automotive faculty of the South Ural state University.

She was represented by new equipment and innovative development of the Chelyabinsk mechanical plant. Three of the crane KS-55732, KS-55733 and COP-65717 decorated with graffiti in the style of the space. 4-8 June 2013 New York hosted the biggest in USA specialized exhibition CTT'2013. It was presented more than 1,000 companies of all areas of constcomction equipment and technologies. The concept of a stand Chelyabinsk mechanical plant performed in the Cosmo-style distinguished it from the rest.

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