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21 february 2017, 23:22

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If a company has a news means she lives and breathes. It is a sign of the prosperity of this company wants to cooperate and use its services. If you ask an ordinary employee of the hotel what are your event success to the answer is often zero. Major precedents such as getting stars occur infrequently and news about always needed. Great if the hotel has an experienced PR Manager.

Good PR people understand that the reason for the press release do not happen by themselves, they need to create. If such a person in your state there is no problem. Experts Hotidea will compose a press release for your hotel which will be intriguing for journalists. After all, the main objective of a press release to cause the media interest in the event your hotel to wrote about it as a lot of editions and it is desirable on a commercial basis. News should be on the hotel website to be published in the specialized press about the tourism leisure and hospitality posted on specialized Internet portals.

To hotel news appeared in the above sources, it is necessary to distribute press releases among journalists at press conferences to send in their edition of news print and online resources. There are strict rules and PR laws, taking into account that make up a clever press release. It has little to do with recruitment advertising texts rather is the art of writing between the lines. Not the design of the document charging random people is a matter exclusively of specialists of PR technologies. Otherwise, even the most spectacular event you will not find a response in the media.

The impact on the target audience of the hotel image formation Preventing negative impact on the image of the hotel and its adjustment in the case when a press release is an official information to hotel management about a negative event or a response to gossip and speculation spread by ill-wishers. 1. Free placement of information about events at your hotel. It is not advertising information and the coverage of the event to the press. Accordingly, if a press release has caught the interest of journalists and its content will be useful for the audience of the publication it will be posted free of charge.

2. SEO-effect. Press release posted on the Internet portals typically contain an active link to the company in question. The hotel with the placement of the press release gets a boost the citation of their website. Thus the website of your hotel, search engines will deem it more valuable to users of the network than the sites of competitors.

3. To avoid a chaotic distribution of false or incorrect information from questionable.

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16 march 2017, 21:17

Mass media has a Great influence on people. It's expend it by using different services. Convenient and comfortable.

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