Press releases and Internet 1.

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Press releases and Internet 1. Before всœего in the preparation of a press release you need to think about how to apply the news that she was the most interesting for the journalist and editor of the website and the ordinary reader or посœетителя. And here it is not important is the reason whether it is opening or substantial re-writing of the website starting a new project rewards or achievements of the partnership agreement, etc. the important thing is as you can imagine. 2.

When shaping the content of the press release should be considered that for the Network it needs to be somewhat shorter than for traditional media. This is due to the fact that most получателœей will read the press release first screen and the second in a series of similar messages coming in by the dozens in their Inbox or posted on the website. If the essence of the news suggests a more detailed description it's better to lay out the details on a special page of its website and to report its address at the end of the press release. 3. The press release should begin with the date and place of the event.

Specify when it can be published to publish immediately before.. etc. Very important is the title.

The main requirement to it - informative and preferably the intrigue of a punch. The title is placed not only in the beginning but in the email subject. 4. In the first few sentences of the press release should try to explain the essence of history. Отделœенный from her space is the main text which describes the details.

Keep short, avoid exclamation marks and bravado. You should also avoid obscure specific terms and jargon and rely on not too advanced in Your area of the reader. 5. The letter must specify the person responsible in your company and ways to contact them in case in case the journalist needs more information or some clarifications. Here you need to give a brief description of your company.

Address your press release всœем whom it should be potentially interesting News. This can be General information resources and industry-specific online publications. Offline journalists specializicometsya in your field. The last time many of them are using the Network as the main source of news. On the pages of many publications email addresses are published next to the name of the author.

We note in particular the distribution center press releases from With the help of this public service you will be able to publish your press release in the newsletter we have subscribed to your potential customers. However, a significant drawback of the system is the fact that the administration reserves the right not to publish your information without any explanation. When contacting reporters.

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