Programming: where to publish a press release?

21 february 2017, 23:20

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We publish a database of Internet resources for free hosting press releases. All sites from the database is perfectly indexed by Google and by Yandex, a week after the publication of a press release in the catalog, most of them fall in the index of these search engines. Uchityvaya that not all services can give a direct link to the promoted website. Additionally, the portion of the directory of press releases accept only a narrowly-themed article for example is strictly on tourist or banking and some take a press release only by E-mail. Catalogues, press-releases in the list sorted by PR of the main page in Google all the services of the press releases are checked for serviceability at the end of January 2010.

Unfortunately, not every directory with press releases of these allows you to get on the website a direct link. There are those who generally are not allowed to post links. But even in this case, a positive effect on the promotion of the site is formed if the webmaster will not forget at least in text form mentioning the domain name of the web resource. The fact is that in a possible reprint of the document this mention could easily turn into a direct link. This reprint was made possible the text of the news message should be interesting.

For example competently made web Analytics is in demand from journalists of the media which almost always indicates a link to the source. In the Examples of writing a press release shows how you can create a separate page with your news press release to, there was every reason for reprint, use it as.

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