Rules for placing of press releases (company news)

21 february 2017, 23:22

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Forgot password To begin with, we will remind about the concept of a press release is a news company. And portal, we use the term press release and not news companies. Press releases can place the registered portal of the company. Rules for company registration on the portal you can read at the link. The press release is moderated by the material i.

e. you form a press release then the moderator checks your press release and publishes it on the portal. After publishing, you do not have permission to edit that particular press release. Responsibility for the content and accuracy of the press release lies with the company representative which is registered on the portal. 2009 © Century Vending - themed vending portalpar reprint materials site an active hyperlink on veq.

ru required.Terms of use | Advertising on the portal | Our banners | Site map.

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27 march 2017, 21:39

Will try.

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