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Placement of press releases are one of the ways of promoting goods and services on the Internet. Add press release in the special services industry sites and focomms of the social network of LiveJournal and even on the websites of public bodies. Below in the topic are links to the most popular directories, press releases and for the elite provides a detailed description Favorites The advantages of online most popular stream of messages on other sites including Google.News press releases actually read you can verify this in the statistics maintained for each new release.

Release can garner tens of thousands of views. For example, view statistics press release about the book about freelancing. From this point of view LP. A number of functions on the service is available for a fee. Love only for the fact that news is broadcast in Google.News And more in the press release, you can add a direct link to the website but without the text. A classic of the genre.

But to be honest a lot of commitment from the placement of press releases was not observed but it is possible to put a direct link to the website with text. Press releases are moderated so the texts should be of high quality. A very good site because even after the press release, you can add 3 links to the site and the press release to be placed in several categories to 3. It would be very helpful to view statistics releases but unfortunately on the website it is not.

And after posting the press release You will not be able to edit it to fix it only by writing to the administration of the service so be very careful when adding text to the site Periodically, the site is buggy unfortunately. The service allows you to place press releases and news in more than 450 news sites from around the world. To embed you need to register on the website to add news and to choose sites for publication. Suitable for PR and SEO objectives in USA and abroad.

Sending press releases on this service is now closed Perhaps only in Runet popular service for sending press releases. If the text is promotional and news about interesting then the returns will be high in the form of publications on popular sites such as and a number of others.

Usually the moment of tcomth occurs 2-3 days after placing the press release be the first publication which brings to the website new visitors or do not appear then the press release has failed. From the practice of sending press releases via brought several important publications for the service of the BFS as a result, the attendance for the week increased by 5 times and the average duration of stay on the resource by 40%. More details in the practice of the article As.

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