SEO services

Commercial offer for SEO website promotion in GOOGLE search engines


1. What is included in the promotion of services:

1.1. Full audit of the finished site:

1.1.1. General audit: Gather information and customer project; Hand-site analysis; The analysis of the progress reports, if any; Evaluation of site’s traffic; CMS analysis on the effectiveness of the promotion; Site Analysis of fullness; Site Visibility (LF, MF, HF requests).

1.1.2. Study subjects: Analysis of niches; Website Checking for effective SEO-module topics; Making predictions.

1.1.3. Host factors: Check redirect (301, etc.) for correct use; Validation errors ** 4; Analysis of 404 pages; Search for links to redirects; Search pages with code 3 ** response; Search pages with codes response 4 **; Analysis of site speed and page; Analysis of page sizes; Search pages that did not attend the robot.

1.1.4. Indexing: Check indexing of all villages of the site; List unstaged pages; Check the indexing capabilities of all existing pages with a robots.txt parameters; To test the feasibility of using noindex, nofollow, SEOhide; Validation of using noindex, nofollow, SEOhide; Comparison of indexes by categories and types of pages; Search in the index of technical pages; Checking robots.txt errors on the completeness of the data on the availability of the necessary directives; Check sitemap.xml for errors; Analysis of the indexing arrangement of dates and priorities sitemap.xml.

1.1.5. Duplication, affiliates, error: Analysis of the contents of sub-domains, if any; Search duplicate pages; Search for duplicate content; Search blank pages; Search for pages with errors; Check for affiliates; Checking for the presence of mirrors; Search test domains and other copies of the site in the index; Cyclic search pages.

1.1.6. Regional: Check regional risk analysis erroneous change in the region; Checking the correctness of the definition of the region and in Ya.Kataloge Ya.Adresa Analysis of having links with regional sites.

1.1.7. Spam: Analysis of the outgoing advertising violation of the rules of the SS; Check spamnosti HTML headings; Checking for the presence of hidden pages of text; Verifying content managers; Search SEO-SEO-sections and pages; Text Check for grammatical errors and typos; Search online adult content; Checking the IP address hosting the presence spamnyh sites; Check the site and pages on the filters in Yandex, Google; Check texts spamnost keywords.

1.1.8. Authority: Analysis of parametric characteristics of the site; Analysis of awareness of the company on the Internet; Analysis of the share of traffic distribution on different channels of internet marketing; Analysis of the age factor, and the pages on the site.

1.1.9. URL factors: Study of the presence of keywords in the URL; Analysis of URL-hierarchy structure of the site; The study of the presence of keywords in file names; Check the URL to spamnost; Check the NC and the URL length analysis.

1.1.10. Semantic kernel, traffic, conversion: Analysis of the semantic core to be exhaustive; Analysis of semantic core for the presence of empty queries; Analysis of the relevance of the semantic core; Study queries with a high% of failure; The study of pages with a high% of failure; Study queries with a high conversion; The study of pages with high conversion; The study of pages with low conversion; Study queries with low conversion; Search non-target queries in the semantic core; Defining Queries that are not mentioned either in the text of the page or in the anchor sheets; Validation groups in the semantic core.

1.1.11. Site structure: Search pages that are not inbound links; Analysis of pages nesting levels; Analysis of the distribution of requests for the site structure.

1.1.12. Behavioral factors: Search and study reviews of companies; Analysis of the input conversion pages; Analysis of the conformity of the problems users of the site structure; Site Testing for the presence of functional modules required subjects; Analysis of Yandeks.Metriki; Study of users follow paths through the site.

1.1.13. Usability: Analysis of the conformity of the content of the input pages of user problems; Usability Analysis of links; Analysis of usability registration forms; Check texts on usability; Check relink the usefulness with TZ user.

1.1.14. Snippets: Analysis snippets in Google; Analysis snippets in Yandex; Checking favicon; Checking the correctness of determining the shortcuts; Check coincidence of the organization addresses and phone issue and on the site; Check availability of social links in snippets; Checking the correctness of the definition of bread crumbs; Opportunities to improve the snippets in Yandex and to Google.

1.1.15. Reference weight: Analysis of links unloading of the exchanges; Analysis of links unloading Yandex.Webmaster; Analysis of links unloading ahrefs; An analysis of the reference mass.

1.1.16. Internal links: Checking for the presence of outgoing links to external websites; Check duplicate pages on the links; Check pages on circular references; Search for hidden outgoing external links; Analysis modules dynamic internal linking; The study of incoming and outgoing internal links.

1.1.17. Static weight: Determining the proportion of natural links in the reference weight; Calculation of static weight when relinking (LF, MF, HF requests) (conditional on PageRank); Calculation of the static weight on incoming links to external (conditional on PageRank); Determination of pages receiving enough static weight

1.1.18. Ancora: Determining the proportion of natural anchors in the anchor sheet; Checking the anchor sheet to the relevant requests (internal + external links..); Checking the anchor sheet to the semantics of the completeness of coverage (int. + Ext. Link).

1.1.19. Natural links: Analysis of the links from social networks; An analysis of PR-activity site search capabilities to accommodate natural links; Explore ways occurrence trafikovyh links through Yandeks.metriku.

1.1.20. Content factors: Search duplicate TITLE; Check TITLE on spamnost; Checking for keywords in the TITLE; Check TITLE length on all pages of the site; Search spamnyh use in <the STRONG>, <B>, <EM>; Check Description duplication; Search empty Description; Description Check for spam; Check keywords for spam; Checking the HTML headers on spamnost; Analysis of the input header pages for compliance with keywords; Checking for keywords in ALT; Check for telephones, addresses and other important information in the form of indexed text.; Find important links made pictures; An analysis of texts uniqueness; Check for content theft; Analysis of the availability of important forms of queries in the texts; Analysis of correct writing texts with TZ word processing algorithms;

1.1.21. HTML: Check for cross-browser compatibility; Checking and analysis of the correctness of microformats; Analysis of the contents of microformats getting search engines to index; Code Analysis for the presence of script and css inside pages of instructions.

1.1.22. Analysis of the effectiveness of the promotion: Checking the query input pages; Analysis of images ranging from the site; Analysis ranking video site; DOC ranking analysis, XLS, PDF, documents RRTH site; Analysis of reference sources that provide live traffic; Analysis queries that traffic comes from search engines (Yandex, Google).

1.1.23. Business analytics: The audit service centers; Check the checkout; Checking the tech support; Check call-center.

1.2. Plan for new projects:

1.2.1. Preparation of core semantic queries: Analysis of niches; Collection of information; Research competitors; Visibility sites of competitors; Top on the main keys, the list of leaders; Using key competitors; Creating a core of words across the subjects; Manual selection of the forecast efficiency; Grouping requests.

1.2.2. Internal optimization: Robots.txt; .htaccess; Sitemap.xml; Html sitemap; NC; 301 redirects; Page 404; Noindex, nofollow, SEOhide; Optimize the download speed; Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility; Meta tags - title, description; Tags ALT, H1; Encoding; Webmaster counters; Hiding duplicates; Social Bookmarking and buttons; Connecting intelligence; Mikrorazmetka: breadcrumbs, snippets;

1.2.3. Content: Copywriting SEO texts, taking into account current trends and requirements to the articles, the optimization of the ready: The volume of texts; URL; Submission of content; Elements relink to other articles, "ring"; Water content of the text; Nausea academic and classical; Stop-words; The selection of thematic images; Alt description. on the section of the text; Texts on the landing page; Content plan for the articles; Relink to the correct distribution of the static "weight" of pages on the site; Selection pages for promotion; The level of nesting pages promoted;

1.2.4. External site optimization: Linkbilding (Exchange for non-commercial inquiries only): Directories; Links from social services. networks; MASS MEDIA; blogs; Thematic sites; Encore lists for linkbildinga; Increase the trust; Working with behavioral metrics cheat behavioral factors: Strengthening behavioral metrics by cheating visits by real people; Selection of auditors and service; Cheat numerical social indicators Promoted pages; Strengthening of external links behavioral factors; Buying traffic; Affiliate programs, loyalty programs;

1.2.5. Web analytics and site audit: Analysis Ya.Metrika metrics, Google Analytics; Setting goals in the accounting system and analytics; Visibility of the site; Traffic; Transactions; Conversion; Analysis of competitors' sites; Formation of the promotion strategy; The search for new entry points; Analysis of failures and accounting; Search and study of new instruments; Monitoring links donors; The introduction of the necessary adjustments; The introduction of new ideas; Working with snippets; Working with the "fast" link snippets; Tracking visitor behavior trends; AB testing, experiments; Tracking news and industry trends; Track your goals and work with vebvizorom; Adjustments for usability.

1.2.6. Drawing up reports: Monitoring site positions on the semantic core; Providing access to a system of internal reporting in-line; Answers to customer questions, consultations, training, discussion.



2. The cost of works and participants

2.1. Costs: from 60 000 rubles. per month including copywriting *;

2.2. Participants: project manager, seo-optimizer, copywriter, content manager, may be involved in art director, marketer

* Payment is prior to starting work 100% the 1st day of the billing period for 1 month of work. The cost of the work is not included budget linkbildingu and behavioral factors in the respective services. We do not charge additional fees in the name of the reference agency and the client pays for the services account, we will only produce the desired setting, and make recommendations. The price includes copywriting (up to 80,000 characters per month and administration site (at the rate of a "standard" rates as a separate file) Filling various catalogs -. By additional agreement..

The discount program:

12 months payment: discount of 20% from the project.

9 months payment: discount of 15% from the project.

6 months Payment: discount of 10% from the project.

3 months payment: discount of 5% with the project.


For any additional project of the same customer discount for package rates multiplied by 2. ie any additional project under the condition of the first (this can be one main and additional 7):


12 months payment: discount is additional. 40% of the draft.

9 months payment: discount is additional. 30% of the project.

6 months Payment: discount with extra. 20% of the draft.

3 months payment: discount with extra. 10% of the draft.

1 payment per month (without block tariff) discount with dop.proekta 20%.


2. The forecast of terms of promotion

2.1. The first results from the promotion after 5-8 months (pin in the top 20 for the low demand);

2.2. The effective period of the output of the top-10 LF and MF queries - 8-10 months.

2.3. Following the withdrawal of 70% of the requests made in a permanent Research The Top new phrases, hold positions in the top, traffic capacity, site adaptation to changes in SEO algorithms of search engines and competitors movement.


3. Some myths about search promotion, questions and answers to frequently asked questions

3.1. There is no standard scheme promotion. In each case there are deviations from the overall strategy for each site developed a unique technique O requests to the TOP.

3.2. Are we working with payment on the "fact"? Yes, the payment is in fact the start of work on the site.

3.3. Is there a guarantee of promotion? No. We can’t guarantee that does not depend on us 100%. Any warranty of specific sites in search results - this is fiction.

3.4. Places in the search results can’t be bought.

3.5. Is the amount of traffic and finding the site in the top for some keys assessing the effectiveness of the promotion? Yes, but indirectly, we believe that the evaluation of the effectiveness of our work - is the growth of the client's income.

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