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We work with all media and news sites Quickly and accurately posted and distributed news and press releases in the media We will distribute your news announcement or press release to over 10,000 media We will publish your news in the most reputable and professional periodicals of USA and the CIS Will provide detailed report with all the links to the publication Guaranteed accommodation in tape media Effective distribution press releases to journalists and the media Indexing aggregators news Google Google Rambler Eternal placement papers with active link Reputation management and combating negativity in the media Drawing attention to the brand to increase brand and citation PRESS RELEASE ROME November 9 2016PRNewswire -- FAIRSPECTRUM Company which is one of the leading providers of management services dynamic spectra .. NEWS Tenant mix shopping centre, Capital Green, Bohr joined several tenants segment catering children's products as well as entertained .

. NEWS Operator's SIP telephony Skytel announced in November 2016, a new numbering resource in code 812 which is characterized by expressiveness and available .. PRESS RELEASE TAIPEI TAIPEI Taiwan November 8 2016 PRNewswire -- Infortrend® Technology, Inc.

code TWSE 2212 today announced .. PRESS RELEASE SHENZHEN SHENZHEN China 7 Nov 2016 PRNewswire -- ZTE Corporation 0763.HK 000063.

SZ large international supplier Telecom .. PRESS RELEASE SINGAPORE SINGAPORE 7 Nov 2016 PRNewswire -- FairMedOnline Singapore company in the field of digital health predostavlyaem .

. PRESS RELEASE SHENZHEN SHENZHEN China 7 Nov 2016 PRNewswire -- The international smartphone brand Honor has announced plans for the organization about .. PRESS RELEASE New York MOSCOW 4 Nov 2016 PRNewswire -- The closing ceremony of the season for new media tourism project Heart to hearts H .

. PRESS RELEASE ISTANBUL, November 4 2016PRNewswire -- Shortly after comn production company Abdi Ibrahim global farm is Kazakh child ..

PRESS RELEASE BEIJING BEIJING, November 4 2016 PRNewswire -- A leading Chinese automaker GAC Motor signed by the property natural R .. PRESS RELEASE CALHOUN CALHOUN Georgia November 4 2016 PRNewswire -- Mohawk Industries Inc. code NYSE MHK today announced .

. NEWS American brand of exclusive clothing made from wool and silk Eleanboutique held presentation of its fall collection. In the model line EfE .

. NEWS Experts assessed the state of the market vegetables, fcomits, berries in the Crimea and Krasnodar region. Marketing research conducted by the Agency ..

NEWS November 4, national unity Day, the representatives of the NGO Cultural centre of the peoples of Dagestan in Khabarovsk has creepingly active participation in p .. PRESS RELEASE SEOUL SEOUL South Korea November 3, 2016 PRNewswire -- In the desire to expand.

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